April 30th
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TOPIC: Writing skills
Process to build up text (IV):

1.- Writing, revising & editing a draft 2.- Publishing

Agenda and minutes
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1. Exchange of material & successful practices

- My favourite historical person
- Performance: magic
2. Today's topic: Writing skills. Process to build up a text (IV)

Step 4: Writing, revising & editing a draft

1.- Once students have selected and summarise the information, they will have to write a first draft.
2.- Scaffolding at this stage: the "language" and the "content" posters (anchor charts).
Ss will need the anchor posters we produced during the previous step, so that they can check them while writing their draft. They will give them the guidelines about the content, the text structure and the language needed. In Primary this may also be a suitable moment to start preparing a checklist that will fulfill two functions: as a helpful tool to guide their draft and as a tool for self-evaluation

3.- Then, they will have to revise and improve their writing: enriching their vocabulary (using synonyms, technical terms, adjectives and other modifiers...), making sure that main ideas are developed and adding more details.
4.- After content is revised, we have to edit the draft (proofreading): spelling, capitalization, punctuation, sentence order.... Scaffolding: the checklist that could help the students both in the revising and editing steps . Try to make your own checklist, according to the content, text features and language you selected in our joint document, and then, compare it with the one Bego Iturgaitz proposed in her writing project (Asmatzaileak eta Asmakizunak).

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Step 5: Publishing
You have to choose now the format to publish the Big Book of Inventors and Inventions . All along this seminar we have seen several tools to publish (uploading) children's work: Calameo, FlipSnack, Scribd, Drive, SlideShare, Issuu.
writing in to upload / Free tools to publish Primary kids' works
1.Joint Document for seminar work:
Big book of inventors and inventions_ process

1. Scaffolding:
Bego Iturgaitz's Checklist en


Non-chronological reports collection

How to write the description of an object

3.- Digital tools: Bookmarking
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During these sessions, we have selected digital sources for the task, but how do we bookmark them? We will analyse the different systems teachers may use.

1.- Writing a personal narrative. On this website you can find a fine example of how we can guide our students, step by step, in the writing process.
"This website was designed by Jacklyn Persuit, a first-year School of Education student at Boston University. It was designed specifically for Ms. Koppe's fourth grade classroom at Gardner Pilot Academy in Boston, MA. The purpose of this website is to provide fourth graders preparing for the MCAS Writing test with a resource where they can find the methods of writing personal narratives that they are learning in class and practice those methods".

2.-external image button-png-150x150.png Unleashing the WRITER in your child . This is the third part of a 5-day series about Writing as a craft: Writing a draft and preparing for publication. You can find many interesting ideas, references and resources that can be applied in/adapted for your classes on her blog. The author describes the series as follows: